About Us


Weed Junkiez goal is to crush the negative stereotypes and connotations around stoners. There's many misconceptions about marijuana and it's effects on our body. Here are some of the misconceptions we hope to change.

#1 Weed makes you lazy

We believe weed exposes a persons natural inclination to be lazy, not so much that it directly causes laziness itself.

#2 Weed makes you too forgetful to be productive

We think weed can cause lapses in memory - "where did I put my keys? Why did I walk into this room?" but we don't believe weed causes memory impairment to the point where you're unable to be a productive member of society.

#3 Weed is a gateway drug

The only thing weed is a gateway to is the refrigerator and pantry.

#4 Weed makes you stupid

While we may definitely feel a little silly after a nice J, weed most certainly does not make you stupid. After all, Carl Sagan was a daily smoker.

#5 Weed leads to crime and delinquency

I'm not even really sure where this misconception is coming from, but from personal experience weed makes many people more vigilant and less likely to perform crimes.

#6 Weed is an escape from reality

This one I wholeheartedly disagree with. Weed places us closer to reality. Our sensations are enhanced, we pick up on more subtle cues, and have deeper access to our mind. It's easy to get lost in a stoned daydream but rarely are you escaping your reality.

We believe in the responsible use of marijuana and its ability to enhance various aspects of human existence.

We're not here for long, we're simply renting space on this planet so enjoy that bowl while you can!


We do things a bit differently around here.
Each month we release an exclusive, small collection typically including a hoodie and tee shirt.
The pieces we release are the pieces that will be available. Restocks on our collections are few and limited. We do this to ensure our products are truly one of a kind. 
Doing things this way keeps us innovating, looking towards the future, and creates a more special end product for our valued customers. 
So when we set a quantity of particular pieces we're going to print, we stick to it.
No one else in the world has access to our design files and suppliers. 
When you get your hands on some Weed Junkiez merch, you better believe it's special and there's nothing quite like it in the rest of the world.
We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us at team@weedjunkiez.com.
The Junkiez Team